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Saturday, 3 February 2018

A different look at the law of inertia

This is a modification of Newton's first law of motion
The world of physics is startled with the achievement of a lot of great people in times past,one of them happen to be an inspiration to me,Isaac Newton. The question I always ask is that these so called assumptions have been more than centuries now and they still hold swear. The most intriguing is the laws of motion which has to do with the study of matter. It is obvious that the study of the idea of matter -anything with mass taking up space-and energy is incomplete without considering motion-change in the position of a body with time-which is a fundamental property of all that matters. The mass inherent in every matter which is the quantity of stuff we all contain acts at the centre of gravity of the centre of pull for all bodies and though it has only size, it determines the magnitude by which we intend to create motion. Little wonder a fat person will always want to act based on his/her independent will regardless of the relationship that could exist with a second. Newton acknowledged that every object on earth is either at rest or moving on a straight line. I don't know if this true in a roundabout or a swimming pool. This law has so much to do with inertia-the reluctance of a body to come to rest when in motion or to start moving when at rest. This is true in some instances and totally wrong in others and I wish to prove this. Inertia is directly proportional to mass which means the more massive a body is,the more reluctance to force. I doubt this. Corpse in a coffin When a person dies,a funeral is inevitable. In the actual sense death is inevitable but avoidable. Assuming the mass /weight of the coffin and its content is weighed before and after it is dropped down six feet or any foot. The organisms at that depth beneath the earth work on the decay process of the corpse and in no time,the coffin must have drastically reduced in size and weight as a result of the content decay. Since this a true like breathing oxygen to be alive, it therefore means the change in mass will also cause a change in size and this happens over time. If the corpse was five feet long, after some time of decay,the length will reduce as well which confirms the law that the rate of decay of a material is directly proportional to the initial number of atoms present in the material. This change in size is analogous to a negligible shift in the position of the corpse. This undoubtedly proves Newton's first law of motion obsolete, since he said that an object will change position if a force is applied to it. Here no force (push or pull) is applied yet there is a change in position.

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