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Friday, 17 November 2017

Dark clouds, rain formation, what you didn't know?

Dark clouds and rain.
Rain drops fall from the clouds, and showers sprinkle us with a mist of dampness. Rain is such an everyday happening.
Have you ever wondered what makes the rain rain? What makes a raindrop form and fall from the cloud and how does it get there in the first place.
Think about a boiling pot of water or your breath on cold morning. The steam you see Is really water vapor-lots of water molecules that have escaped into the air.
Water vapor rises from the surface of lakes, rivers and oceans too. This evaporation is taking place all of the time when millions and millions of molecules of water vapor are brought into contact with cool air, clouds are formed.
Only under certain conditions will the water vapor of clouds condense, or collect into droplets of rain. This will happen if the water vapor is chilled enough. Think of the dew on grass on a chilly morning. Just about the same thing happens within a cloud. And it's droplets of water fall as "rainfall".
If a water molecule has something it can hang unto, it will form a droplet much more easily. The tiniest particle of dust is enough to produce a droplet of rainfall high in the air. It is the air particle which makes the cloud look dark. If you catch rain water in a jar and let it stand for a few hours, you will see a collection of dust at the bottom which was only hours ago, a black cloud. It is possible to make the rain water rain by flying an airplane above the clouds and dropping chemicals. They can lower the temperature of the water vapor and give the water molecules particles to hang onto.
When it rains, more and more water is added to lakes, rivers and oceans. Some of that water will evaporate, new clouds will form and the whole cycle will begin again.
So the rainfall and dark cloud formation has been hopefully justified. To get more articles by me, stay tuned to foeedu because here, we build brains and expand minds.
I.G Kira-kosarin
F.B: victor Ojo
Twitter: vict-Ojoh 

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