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Thursday, 16 November 2017

Can Earth Have Additional Moons?

We all know what a moon is. The large circular ball we see in the sky that keeps reflecting our star's light at night. This ball is known as Earth's natural satellite, or Earth's moon, or maybe Earth's own ball. 

Now imagine Earth having one more of this ball. That means Earth's gonna get some balls. Earth having more than satellite one satellite or moon in other words. But can this ever happen? A moon can be any natural satellite or natural object that moves around a larger natural object under the influence of gravity. 

Earth can have additional moons. If an object, let's say a large asteroid, floats past our planet, it can get caught up in the planet's gravitational pull, thereby having no other choice but to literarily moon-about in Earth's gravitational field.

 This has made it Earth's own moon, although it doesn't have to be round, and it is really not compulsory it reflects the Sun's light, but maybe in some cases, new moons can. Stay tuned. 
 I.G : Cool_Mundial 
 I.G : Foeedu

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