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Saturday, 18 November 2017

Artificial intelligence versus natural intelligence

The days are here,running fast and near and we fear that we may never catch up with the race to replace the human race here challenged with Artificial Intelligence.
                The laziness in humans which breeds retrogresiveness and distress can no more be tolerated since there is an invention of overated creatures by humans created. Doing things becomes like flying without wings,killing bees with freaking keys,the human race is in jeopardy and uncertainty. Artificial Intelligence is displayed by machines in contrast to natural intelligence displayed by humans and other animals. Artificial Intelligence perceives it's environment and takes actions that maximise it's chance of success at some goal and is applied when a machine mimic cognitive functions that humans associate with other minds in areas of learning and problem solving.
               It was founded as an academic discipline in 1956 to solve problems of reasoning, knowledge,planning,natural language processing,perception and the ability to perform Newton's laws of uniformly accelerated motion. This raises arguments about the nature of the human mind and the ethics of creating artificial beings with human-like intelligence. But wait a minute...

What if we're all artificial intelligence made by other creatures,but we destroyed them and have now advanced to the point where we are doing the same? 
Look how it paused when asked if it likes humans,yet it knows everything about us.

Let's reason a bit.
The goal of artificial intelligence is to exterminate human negligence by creating technology that allows computer machines to function in a fast growing/dying world--humans are capable of those. Artificial intelligence works diligence in reasoning and problem solving while humans use fast, intuitive judgements which also involves reasoning and problem creating. I can't help but laugh.
               Artificial intelligence production was for knowledge representation and among things which it represents include; objects,properties,situations,states and time,causes and effects,knowledge about knowledge(what we know about what other people know). Can't humans do this?blend causes of natural and artificial phenomena with their effects? The thing is humans have the problem of knowledge qualification and many of the thing people know take the form of working assumptions.
               Imagine if a bird comes up in a conversation, people typically picture an animal that is fist sized,sings and flies ---these things are not true about all birds. The breadth if commonsense knowledge in humans is a number of atomic facts which is very large and can not be represented as facts that could be expressed verbally,thus making us inferior to artificial intelligence.
Let's consider artificial intelligence. Would you consider it a threat to human survival in future? Yes or no? I strongly believe that the only threat to human survival is STUPIDITY as human unintelligence is much more dangerous for the foreseeable future. Holy damn shit! Human thinking is erratic at best and would be considered inefficient. This could also be argued because some people believe that the existential threat is outweighed by its ability to ensure if prosperity and progress since most artificial intelligence are built for specific tasks. Human stupidity has a talent for destruction because before nuclear weaponry, this talent was localised,now it could be global. If you could push a button and disarm all nukes,would you?what is the only way to ensure that AI don't pose a threat to humans in the future was to eliminate world leaders? Or their supporters? Absolutely,artificial intelligence is a threat to humanity and the solution would be,at a minimum,to remove the potential for threat by irreversible means. Stay tuned for more.

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